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The purpose of this index is to allow any researcher or family historian or interested individual to easily find an obituary reference.

Search tips

First, search for the obituary you require by going to the home page of the site. The Quick Search allows you to search against the first name and last name fields of the obituary index. The Advanced Search gives you a choice of fields to search against.

The results of searches are ordered according to their relevance. First priority is given to an exact match of all supplied terms within the most important fields (firstname and lastname), second priority to an inexact match of all supplied terms, and so on.

If your search returns a list of entries in the index, you can view a particular entry by clicking on the 'view' link. You will then see details of that particular obituary. You will also see a request form. If you complete this form with your own details, it will be forwarded to the librarians at Harris Manchester College, together with details of the obituary you have found. We will then send a copy of the obituary to you.

Titles of publications

The titles of periodicals are referred to by abbreviations in the database. Below is a list of the abbreviations and their corresponding titles:

  • CL = The Christian Life
  • CR = The Christian Reformer
  • I = The Inquirer
  • MR = Monthly Repository
  • Prot Diss Mag = Protestant Dissenting Magazine
  • Universalists Misc = Universalists' Miscellany
  • Univ Theol Mag = The Universal Theological Magazine and Impartial Review


We ask for a small donation for each obituary to help cover the cost of running the database. Any profit is used to purchase more material relating to the history of Unitarianism and the history of Protestant dissent.